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Causality-based versus symptomatic medicine

Current medical practice is today less concerned about underlying causes of diseases like cancer, heart attach, diabetes, chronic fatigue, pain, digestive problems or sleep problems than finding a quick solution to alleviate symptoms. General practitioners in Norway are no exemption, since probably at least 90 % of them are only dealing with symptoms. Some are closer to identifying real causes when they think that some 40% of all chronic diseases are caused by inflammation and infections. This estimate may be close to the truth, but such findings also relate to symptoms, not causes.

In the US and many other countries, it is estimated by some that 70-90% of all new patients health problems which are related to stress. This estimate may be even closer to the finding the real cause, but stress in the body is naturally caused by “something else”.

The challenge in our view is that most clinicians make it all too complicated and forget the basic, underlying problems. Ref.  Bruce Liptons book Biology of belief, Dr. Jerry Tennant´s book Healing is voltage, Robert O. Becker´s Body electric. There is really only one underlying cause, which represent two major challenges.

The main cause is based on the fact that the body and cells react to signals/information from the environment (all signals, emotions, toxins, food, nutrition, air etc.), and these signals have an impact on the “terrain” (i.e. the body). If the terrain is in equilibrium without influence from continuous stress, toxins and acidity, lack of oxygen and nutrients, the cells are able to regenerate and build new cells. Opposite, if the terrain is unbalanced, the cells will be in a defense mode and not be able to regenerate. If one does not solve this challenge, one may kill as many bacteria, virus or other pathogens one likes, but healing will not be permanent. Thus, we must simply, to be able to heal chronic “dis-eases”, we must address two main areas for each individual.

  1. The informational environment or informational terrain. Our mind, consciousness, emotions and spirit inform our body and cells to do build/rebuild or defend themselves. The epigenetic consequences of information demonstrates how this works on multiple levels via the hormone system and of course electrically.
  2. Physical factors or the physical terrain. An optimal pH balance, oxygen delivery and nutrition, combined with an efficient removal of toxins, ensure that there are optimal electric potentials of cell membranes. The electric potential is directly linked to pH, oxygen level, nutrient uptake, waste management and removal from the body, stability of the emotional fields, etc.

Our experience is that if these two factors are under control, the terrain «may be restored so that healing may occur for most people.

Her is one example from January, 2014: An 87-year old lady visited our clinic in Oslo diagnosed with spinal stenosis. She was in great pain (could only sleep on one side) and felt so dizzy that she almost could not walk, and generally felt very weak. Her doctor at the hospital had told her that there was nothing that could be done and that she probably soon would end up in a wheelchair (given her age, this prognosis sounded reasonable).

We performed a thorough examination and recommended a change in her diet and started her on the first of four electro-medical treatments using TimeWaver Frequency and NanoPuls. When she came back for treatment number five, we asked how she felt. She said that she felt much better, that she was no longer dizzy, and the pain was almost gone. After treatment number six, last week she stated: “I feel great, have no pain, walk well and do not have time for more treatments now. I must get out and do my exercises because I have been passive so long. I may come for a visit later on”.  We treated her every other week totally times and there was quite a big difference from her perspective, having looked forward to spending the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

Not every patient does that well, but changing the causative factors can be very powerful. We also hope this little article can inspire many of you to understand that “dis-ease” can be healed using relative simple methods as long as you understand the cause. We like to hear your views and your stories on this blog. Please feel free to comment or tell us about clinical or personal experiences, good or bad. That is what this blog is for.

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See you soon, lets hear your stories. You are also welcome to read about the work of Uno Vita & Klinikk for Integrert Medisin in Oslo at (it is in Norwegian, but you can use the Google tranelater and get an understanding) or also view some of the applications we use in our clinic at